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Q1 Can you tell us a little about you, who you are and what your interests are?

Hi my name is Deirdre, I was brought up in Dublin, now living in Kildare. I have four children so was a stay at home mum until my youngest started school at which point I returned to work. In my spare time I love to work with clay and do a lot of painting. I love walking, golf and love being out in nature.

Q2 What do you do at Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland

I help out in the administration, mainly dealing in the membership area.

Q3 Why did you decide to volunteer for the Organisation.

I had been volunteering in another Charity and that closed due to Covid. I was made aware of Dyspraxia Ireland through Sharon and my second daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia and suffered from mental health problems. Sadly I lost my daughter too suicide and since her passing I felt the need to give back to society. I was unaware of Dyspraxia Ireland until recently and the service it gives and helps people living with dyspraxia.

Q4 What is the best part of being a volunteer.

For me the best part of being a volunteer is knowing that your helping out others and I believe “Things happen for a reason” so meeting Sharon and joining Dyspraxia was meant to be. I also feel you meet new, likeminded people. Starting a different path you are always learning new skills and I take pride in that.

Q5 Would you recommend volunteering to others.

Yes I would recommend friends and family to volunteer. Life can be busy but any time given to a charity is very rewarding and gives you a sense of making a little difference to people who need it.


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