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Latest News & Events

Updated: 25 Apr, 2016

Gaiety Theatre Mini- Marathon Meet Up

Updated: 25 Apr, 2016

Athletics with Dyspraxia Ireland

Updated: 25 Apr, 2016

The Flo +the Machine Book Club

Updated: 23 Apr, 2016

Travelling with Lee: Malaysia

Updated: 20 Apr, 2016

Rebecca's Blog: How Dyspraxia Affects My Life

Updated: 15 Apr, 2016

Dyspraxia Ireland Adult Summit 2016

Updated: 3 Apr, 2016

Organisation Structure

Updated: 3 Apr, 2016

School Support

Updated: 30 Mar, 2016

Molly's Blog: My Dyspraxia & Me

Updated: 24 Mar, 2016

Mary-Kate's Blog: Anxiety

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Updated: 24 Oct, 2015

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